Girls & Video Gaming

As of late it has become quite trendy for girls to be considered a gamer.  At least that’s what corporate video gaming world entities like Xbox would like you to think.  On Xbox Live they heavily promote the idea via short shows like Girls Go Geek, Felicia Day’s The Guild, and host Trixie360.  Just type in pink Xbox 360 and you will find plenty of options for pink peripherals for your beloved Xbox.  So we know they’re out there.  But the reality of it is I think it’s more similar to my own experience.  Yes more girl gamers are out there but it’s not the same as what we consider a boy gamer or gamer in general.


I have managed to get my wife on occasion and my 14 year old daughter to play video games but it’s a whole different “session” than when I play by myself or with my boys.  The boys who are 15 and 11 years old are probably the what is considered the typical type gamer.  We load up on a regular basis Grand Theft Auto 4, Guitar Hero, Gears of War, or Call of Duty.  The more awesome the and over the top the game is, the more fun we consider it.  Call it the stroke of the male ego, safe ways to release male aggression, or whatever you like.  That’s what we enjoy.

A hot pink Xbox360!

On the other hand when me and usually my daughter play, it’s more along the lines of UNO, Brain Challenge, and Pac Man Championship Edition.  Doesn’t take a nutty professor to see the difference in speed here.  The girls simply don’t have the need to be aggressive or have their egos stroked every step of the way.  It doesn’t seem to me that they prefer games with more substance but more of a quick diversion and maybe mental challenges as a bonus.


This leads me to believe that boys equals load the game up and “let’s do this” type of attitude and the girls are more “I have some free time, I can play a couple of rounds”.  Once again this is my experience and I think Gavin M. at Kokugamer, puts this subject into great context and is very interesting read.  Check it out over at Kokugamer and let me know what you think.

Standard Xbox 360 controller in pink.


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