TIP: Facebook Quick Post Bookmark


Do you find that you are always coming across content on the internet that you have to post to Facebook?  Here’s a to get a button in your bookmarks bar or your bookmarks folder if you choose so that posting content that you find becomes even more quick and easy.  This will work in any browser.

Firefox or Chrome

Drag the link below to your bookmark bar if you’re using Firefox or Chrome.



Internet Explorer

If you’re using Internet Explorer then right click the link and select “Add to Favorites…”.  From there you can add the shortcut by clicking the Favorites star at the top of Internet Explorer.


Now click the down arrow next to “Add Favorites”.


Go down to “Organize Favorites” and click it.  This will bring up a new window.  Find your Facebook.it bookmark and click the “Move” button at the bottom.


Then click the “Links” folder and “OK”.  It should appear in your favorites bar now.



Using the Facebook Link

Anytime you come across a page, picture, or whatever that you want to share with your Facebook, you just have to click the Facebook button and it will automatically post to your profile.  If you aren’t logged in at the time, it will prompt you for your username and password.  Just check the “keep me logged in” box on the login screen, then you can quickly post content until you log out of Facebook.


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