TIP: Gnome Panel Isn’t Visible When Added

I was exploring the customization options of Ubuntu when ran into a slight snag.  If you add a new panel by right clicking on an existing panel it does not appear.  It allocates to the space to it like its there but you cannot do nothing to it or see it.  See screenshot below to see what I’m referring to.  Dammit, I said. Something broke that’s going to either force me into some alien world of command line or re-install.

There was a bug report submitted.  You can find the submission here.  But no worries though.  Turns out that the fix is quite simple.

1. Open System Monitor. [Menu > System > Administration > System Monitor]

2. Select the Process tab at the top.

3. Scroll through the Process Names and find “gnome-panel” without quotes.

4. Right click gnome-panel and select kill process.

(note) It may restart automatically but if not, open up Terminal and simply type gnome-panel and it should start back up.

That’s it.  Once gnome-panel is running again, you should notice the new panels that you added and then can do with them as you wish.

At the time of writing this, I’m using Ubuntu Lucid 10.4.


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