Guinness Makes A Video Game Edition of World Records

If you were anything like me as a kid, then two things that you did to pass time as a child was thumbing through the Guinness Book of World Records and play video games.  Well the good people over at Guinness finally put one and one together and released “Guinness World Records 2010: Video Game Edition”.

This edition of Guinness World Records has all the usual top categories such as; Fastest Perfect Completion of Pac-Man, Highest Score in Donkey Kong, and so on.  But of course we all want to know who’s the best of the best in a particular category.  One of the more interesting categories in my opinion was the top video game series of all time.  I was honestly surprised to see that it was Halo.  Not that Halo isn’t a great series but it’s still relatively new with people even to this day still getting on board.  So congratulations to the good people over at Bungie.  Rounding out spots number 2 and 3 are Call of Duty and The Legend of Zelda.

Official details and more at the Guinness web site.


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