Reluctantly Started A Patreon Page

I have after much self debate and thought started a Patreon page rather reluctantly.  I personally don’t care for the idea of asking people for money in real life let alone online.  And I definitely don’t like it when online personalities start coming off as “beggy” for monetary support.  I don’t even know if what I have is sustainable considering the small size of my YouTube channel (approaching 500 subscribers).  I also don’t know if I can adequately describe in words to others why anyone should give me any money in the first place.  But I’ve come to the realization that testing out new games, making tutorials, and production in general is starting to cost me more personally than I really have.

Considering that I don’t have gainful employment due to my medical issues and the fact my wife is now the sole income of the household, that has been a big lifestyle change for us.  Which actually I don’t have a problem with.  But like most people these days we live almost literally day to day.  Even the simple things in life are a luxury when you’re straining to pay for them.  I went two months without internet but luckily a family member stepped in and helped me out with that.  And even in that absence I watched my YouTube channel see slow but steady growth.  That told me that there is some value in what I do and further reinforced the idea that I should continue doing it and making it better.

I really use YouTube as a metric for what I do.  But it’s definitely not the only thing that I do.  I have helped countless people over the years in the area of gaming, fixing their PCs, learning Linux and whatever computer related problems they bring my way even on Windows.  The trick question is trying to justify all the time spent and personal resources used except just for the love of helping others.

For now I’ll just see how its received and what happens.  I really don’t expect much to come of this but even the smallest amount of help would help with things like domain name or something.  In closing I’m still reluctant in using Patreon and haven’t convinced myself this is a good idea but we’ll see.  So other then here and a small link on my YouTube page, I won’t announce that I have a Patreon publicly for quite awhile.

Osirez’s Patreon


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