Osirez Music And Free Culture

I’ve been tinkering with music for awhile now and have had people ask quite a few times how do they get or can they use it.  Of course like many people my initial reaction is how do I retain ownership and monetize my work.

In the attempt to make sure what I create stays under my ownership and and gives me the legal right to monetize it, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is approach is the wrong one.  It’s a tedious job trying to keep people from stealing digital and intellectual property.  And no matter what you do to try and prevent it, they’ll do it anyways.

Change Of Heart

As you may know I’m a avid supporter of the free and open source (FOSS) software model.  So it kind of makes me a hypocrite to support sharing through one creative realm and not the other.  With that all in mind I’ve come to the decision to make all of my instrumentals creative commons.  Not only will I support the creative commons (CC) model but the free cultural model as well.

The Boring Stuff

Now for the quick legal jargon in as layman of way possible.  What do the creative commons license mean?  Very basically it means that you are allowed to download, use, enjoy, share, and even make money off the derivative work.  The only thing you have to do is give the original creator (me) credit for the original work.  For example if you use it for a Youtube video, a link to one of my social media sites or Youtube channel would be not only a show of good faith but adhering to the terms of the licence agreement.  That’s it.  Very simple huh?

Check Me Out

Now with that out of the way, I’m going to dedicate a section in the menu of this site (top of the page) to just my music.  My Youtube also has a premade playlist just for my music.  Last my Reverbnation has all the music in one place.   Give me time and I’ll try to make all of my tracks downloadable.  If you’re looking for a specific track that isn’t yet downloadable then contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

My Other Music

I also do some mixing, engineering, and mastering of other artists.  The songs with vocal artists are NOT creative commons unless explicitly stated.  Those pieces of work belong in part or in whole to the person on the song and they should be contacted if not me.

Support And Thanks

If you got this far then you’re the man now dawg!  If you want to support me, then give me them follows on social media (links below).  Keeping in mind that I won’t ever charge for the music, you can always buy me some beer though via PayPal or Patreon!  Support freedom of information! Peace.

edit: I would also love to see how and where you use my content.  Drop me a link via one of my social media sites!

Osirez’ Social Media


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