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Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II

Star Wars hype is in full effect with today’s release of the new movie The Force Awakens.  So in the spirit of one of the most legendary sci-fantasy movies of all time, I check out Knights of The Old Republic II from Obsidian and ported to Linux by Aspyr Media.



Osirez Music And Free Culture

I’ve been tinkering with music for awhile now and have had people ask quite a few times how do they get or can they use it.  Of course like many people my initial reaction is how do I retain ownership and monetize my work.

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Insurgency Beta Now On Linux

Today I play around with Insurgency on Linux in it’s native form.  The guys over New World Interactive have this game running very nicely even considering its early beta mode.  It’s safe to say in my opinion that this game will turn out to be a solid port with generally good performance.  I for one not only support this game because it’s a good game but also because it’s what I call a “long term game”.  What this means basically is that it’s a game that has large communities and you play over long periods of time.  Examples of this would be games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike GO, and Team Fortress 2.  Games like this are important because even though the triple A titles bring in the hype and excitement, community games always are the top ten games played based on player count.

Screenshot taken October 25th, 2015.

For more details and how to install the game, pop in over at their forums.